How we Work

Atomic Design

Our choice on a design system we wanted to build on was rather a coincidence than something we wanted to force since it matches so nicely to our companies’ pharmaceutical identityAtomic Design. Atomic Design is a methodology for creating design systems in a very modular and flexible way. By grouping user interface elements into atoms, molecules, and organisms it is also very easy to understand the connection between these elements and how the combine into larger respective groups. We decided to adapt the common Atomic Design patterns to our needs but kept the core idea of it.

File Handling


Naming Conventions

Keep file names short, but meaningful. Avoid unnecessary repetition and redundancy in file names and file paths. File names should allow you to identify their content from the name. Choose a format for naming your files and use it consistently.
Here is an example:
Content Description/ Version Indicator/ Initials of Editor.file type
Login Page Sample Project/ 102/ JP.sketch

If you want to add Symbols to the Sketch Library rename them always after the defined Naming Conventions for this file:
X Component Category/ Component Name/ State